Scarf Jewelry

scarf jewelry

Scarf jewelry is one of my newest creations! It can slide onto any scarf. I also have made some neck scarves that have a magnet in the back so they hang just like a necklace.

Flattened Bottles

corona bottle

I make a wide variety of flattened wine and beer bottles. This is a Corona beer bottle (large 32 oz. size.) It can be used for serving, for a spoon rest, or for a jewelry dish. Check out my other wine bottles under “wine accessories.”

Wine Stoppers

red wine stopper

Wine stoppers are the perfect gift for your favorite wine drinker! They keep wine fresh and add bling to the bottle! They can be purchased under “wine accessories.”

Serving Utensils

clorful indonesia bead salad set

Salad sets can be made in a variety of colors! Different styles can be found under the serving utensils page.

New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone! I am excited to announce that I have re-designed my website! Hopefully, you will find that it will be more user friendly and up to date! Many of you know that my website is only a small amount of my designs. You can find more of my designs at Dragonfly Arts in Canton or I can e-mail you specific ideas and designs. My inventory changes so regularly that is impossible to put everything on my website. Please take a moment to check out my new site!